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Anyelo Sanchez

Creative Director
6 years of experience


Directing productions and creating stories like entrepreneurship has been a great passion and lifestyle for Ányelo since he was a child. Directed videos that reached millions of viewers. And now he has become a man with a passion for the art of creating stories on the island of aruba.Question everything on your way to find the correct answer by understanding the problem at its core.God have given Anyelo sanchez a unique vision of what looks good and most importantly, what sells. He strongly believes in the idea of ​​"if you listen, you might hear something and get great results"


Juan Diego Ruiz

Sales & Marketing
6 months of experience


crazy about sales marketing and passionate about entrepreneurship. He is studying marketing at the University of Aruba and is already in his third year. His vision is to help GG Creative Productions position itself as the best photography and video agency in the Caribbean and become an expert in creating businesses.


Luis Miguel Martinez

Designer & Editor
1 years of experience


Ever since Luis Miguel Martinez started producing videos at GG Creative Production he knew he had found his calling. Inspired by the endless ways to tell a visual story, he loves all aspects of production.Luis Miguel is a young man with a persevering mentality.He loves the process of creating, meeting people, building relationships, working as a team.


Helian Hernandez

Videographer & editor
1 years of experience


Helian Gonzalez continues to perform quality work for companies in a wide variety of sectors, keeping up with the rapid advances in both equipment and post-production techniques. The satisfaction of his clients and his perfectionist spirit are the best guarantee of success: photographer, graphic designer, and filmmaker.

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